MSI Reproductive Choices – Rotherham Community Treatment Centre

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Contact information:

The Flowers Health Centre
87 Wincobank Ave
South Yorkshire
S5 6AZ
Telephone: 0345 300 8090 (Office hours)

Services Provided:

  • Contraception information and advice
  • Unplanned pregnancy information and support
  • Pregnancy termination

Additional Information:

Appointments available on Fridays. To visit our clinics, you will need to arrange an appointment with us – visit our website to find out how you can make an appointment.

You can contact us for support, advice and booking information. Call our booking line on 0345 300 8090, use our online booking form, or live chat on our website to speak with an advisor.


MSI Reproductive Choices is a leading reproductive healthcare provider with over 60 clinics throughout England. We have been providing NHS-funded and private abortion care and vasectomy services for more than 40 years. We offer medical (also known as abortion with pills) abortion care at our Rotherham Clinic. We also offer an abortion telemedicine service (also known as abortion pills at home or abortion pills by post). Call our support line on 0345 300 8090 for a confidential chat to talk through your options and/or book an appointment.