NWL- Wakley Centre

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Contact information:

Wakley Centre
Grange Road
Greater London
Telephone: 020 8453 2751 (Office hours)
Email: lnwh-tr.hillingdonisrh@nhs.net
Website: shc.lnwh.nhs.uk/
Mixed: 020 8453 2752

Services Provided:

  • Contraception information and advice
  • STI testing and treatment
  • Free condoms
  • Pregnancy termination
  • Emergency contraception
  • Sexual health information and support
  • Sexual health services for young people

Additional Information:

Booked appointments only: Monday- Tuesday 9.00 -19.00; Wednesday – Friday 9.00am -4.30pm; Monday YPS Walk-in Session 4-6pm 19 and under

You do not have to be referred by your GP to attend.If you are living with an HIV infection and require medical care, an appointment can be made for you to see our HIV Clinical Nurse Specialist.


Our Sexual Health service at The Wakley Centre offers free, confidential Sexual Health and Contraception Services.